I’ve definitely been to a wedding or two in my life where I dreaded running into people from my past.

But what happens when someone who you are legitimately scared of is supposed to attend your BEST FRIEND’S wedding?

A Reddit user asked readers if she’s being an a**hole because she doesn’t want to go to her BFF’s wedding because of someone from her past.

Let’s take a look.

AITA for not attending my BFF of over 30 yrs wedding because she invited my stalker?

“First time posting but I need to know.

My (43F), BFF (43F) is getting married. She asked me to be in the wedding. I knew her future hubby knew my stalker – Kevin (she previous mentioned they serve on a committee together and were friendly) and asked if He was invited. She said yes, but it has been so long I should just forget it. Her future hubby has no real friends and needs guests on his side.

I informed her it has been over 20years and Kevin (my stalker/43M) still tries to reach out on FB and find me. He is married with kids but still tries to harass me! I have nine or so abandoned accounts. I moved across the country to flee.

My BFF has witness to many incidents and knows He still tries to reach out. I am not sure what he would do if he actually saw me. Am I the a**hole for not going to her wedding?”

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This reader doesn’t think this woman is wrong at all for feeling this way.

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Another Reddit user said that the friend who is getting married is clearly not even living in reality.

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This person said that stalkers are known for being persistent and this Kevin fella sounds like he’s manipulating this situation.

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Lastly, this person said that the woman’s “best friend” is clearing not grasping the situation and this has been going on for far too long.

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