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AITA for returning my husband’s Christmas present?

“This happened before Christmas, but there is still tension in the house and I just need advice

I 30F have been with my husband 31M for 3 years. We both have children to previous relationship, mine 8F and his 6M.

My husband started taking away presents from the Christmas tree for the children that he bought them, when the kids misbehave. I didn’t really get a say in it since he was the one that bought the presents for the kids.

My daughter has been asking me for months to get her a switch, so I decided to save a bit and buy her one for Christmas. It was sitting under the tree, then suddenly on Christmas Eve I noticed it was gone.

I asked my daughter if she touched it and she said she didn’t, so I decided to turn to my husband, and he said that she swore at him while he was trying to get her ready for bed the night before so he decided to punish her and take away the present and return it to the store.

I started seeing red, and demanded he hands me the money back since I was the one that bought that present. He refused, so I grabbed his present that I bought him- a brand new PS5 that he new he was getting, and returned it, got my money back and bought my daughter her switch back.

This started a big argument with my husband and I. And with him calling me childish for doing that. He got his family involved and they spammed my phone telling me to get his present back. But I refused. He is still not talking to me, so AITA?”

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