There’s a lot of family tragedy in this story, FYI.

But this young woman felt it was serious enough to ask the good people on Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page if she was out of line for saying that she raised her sisters after their parents passed away.

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AITA for saying I “raised” my two younger sisters?

“My (28F) parents d**d when I was 18 and my twin sisters were 11, from a car crash. We had no other relatives to take my sisters in. I was about to start college.

Thankfully, my parents left us a very generous life insurance payout and a wealthy trust—enough to last my sisters and I through college and some years after with appropriate housing and living expenses. I didn’t take any chances with the money. I smartened up and talked things out with my parents’ financial adviser to make sure we would be set. I proceeded to college and took a part time job just in case.

I knew I wasn’t in a capacity to handle my sisters full time and we absolutely had nobody else to go to, so I explained the situation to them (with a counselor present) and enrolled them in a private boarding school. I kept tabs on them all throughout their education: I spent as many weekends and my holidays with them.

I went to PTCs, as many recitals and games as I could—even helped them shop for prom dresses. I was very involved in their life. I also made sure to schedule them sessions with a therapist and received constant updates from their guidance counselor.

My sisters ended up graduating with no trouble, and they’re lovely, well adjusted human beings both in college now. I am now a college lecturer doing my PhD. We have a close relationship and I am so lucky that they have been kind and understanding throughout the years.

I spent the weekend with a friend’s (28M) family last weekend and they asked me about myself, all the usual. Somewhere in the conversation I said “I raised my sisters” and my friend’s sister disagreed.

She said the boarding school raised them and I shouldn’t take credit for that. I disagreed and said I fulfilled the role of a parent, so yes I raised them from age 11 onward. She said I was an a**hole for pretending to be a parent, and I give “real parents” a bad name.

Weekend went downhill after that and I didn’t feel comfortable after. Friend and his parents are on my side but the sister’s now posting passive aggressive stuff on social media.


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