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AITA for snitching and causing my friend to lose her scholarship/dream college acceptance?

“I (19F) am a sophomore in college and have a friend, Tia (18F), who is in high school and applying for colleges and scholarships. I helped her throughout the college process and she ended up getting in early action to her top college, and she got a full scholarship. I was happy for her until recently.

I was talking to a mutual friend of ours and she started gushing about how Tia’s essay was so heartfelt and beautiful. I asked to see it because I thought she had just forgotten to show me (she showed me many of her essay drafts). But as I was reading it, I was completely taken aback. The essay was one of MY college essay drafts which I’d shown to Tia for reference on writing TECHNIQUES ONLY. I made this clear.

I was livid. The essay was really personal, and she barely even tweaked it up. It was almost entirely copied and pasted. I trusted her with it, and this is what she did.

In a fit of rage, I gathered all the evidence of me helping her with the college process, including evidence of me sending the specific essay to her, and I showed it to the school. She not only lost her scholarship, but she also lost her seat in the school.

Now, people are calling me dramatic and shaming me for robbing her of her education. She’s the only person in her family to get into college and receive an academic and athletic scholarship, so everyone was rooting for her, including me at one time. And while I didn’t expect the outcome to be so severe, it was.

Right now, I feel bad. I feel terrible. I feel like she took advantage of me, but I didn’t want to be the cause of something so horrible. I did myself a justice, but at the cost of someone’s dreams. Now I’m wondering if what I did was justified or not.


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