I think we can all agree that pretty much no one wants to ruin anyone’s life or career, right?

So I feel a little bit sorry for this young college student who took to Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page to ask if she is wrong for potentially ruining the career of a classmate.

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AITA for potentially ruining my classmate’s career?

“I (20f) am a college student. In my country a lot of students hunt for internship cuz it helps in getting a better pay package during placements.I’ve been casually talking with this guy ‘R’ who’s also my classmate.

He was all friendly at the beginning but started flirting recently. I never once flirted with him and always just ignored his moves but last week he asked me out and I said no. In fact, I apologized to him to have him think that somewhere in our conversation I might have led him on. He ghosted me and I didn’t think much of it.

But 2 days later, he texted me again, asking me out. I told him that I already said no to which he replied he gave me time to think over and that I should be grateful for it. Ngl, I got pissed and told him to F off. And he got pissed and called me all the names under the moon and just slut shamed me for it.

I blocked him but he made his friends to cuss me out too. I got super frustrated and called him out on my story along with attaching the ss of our chats. Around 300 ppl saw and one among them is placement mentor (4th year student). I didn’t think much of it cuz after the story as I blocked them all and went ahead with my day.

The placement head saw this kind of behavior unacceptable and appalling. So he reported this to our department head. apparently in my college, this kind of behavior is labeled as harassment and punishment can lead to suspension. The department head (DH) and placement mentor called me to DH’s office to get my statement and I did. I showed them everything. Well he got suspended for 3 months for his behavior.

He was about to get a very good internship in a Govt company but since he got suspended that internship is also gone. Our professor P loves him and he called me to his office to go and make another statement to DH that I forgive him and there’s also wrong in my part. Our DH, called me, R , his parents and our two professors (P and Q). DH asked me if I’m willing to forgive him(this will get him off the suspension).

Somewhere inside of me wanted to see him suffer so I told him no. I was harassed and I want him punished. His mother berated me in front of everyone saying that I’m the one who led her son and I’m doing this purposefully cuz he’s my competitor. And her son is the victim here. DH didn’t listen to her and gave R his rightful punishment well at least according to me.

Well now, Our internship started and few of my friends said I took it too far. He just called me names while texting and I got him suspended for that. Some of my other classmates called me a bully and AH for ruining his bright future and Professor P called me outside the class today and told me that he’s extremely disappointed in me and it’s because of girls like me, potential careers of men are ruined. This actually made me cry and I’m rethinking whether what did was actually extreme.

So, Reddit, AITA?”

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