Have you ever kicked anyone out of your house?

Okay, have you ever kicked a family member out of your house?

Yeah, that’s when you really know that things are going sideways.

But did this woman go too far when she kicked her brother out of her house?

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AITA for yelling at my brother and kicking him out of my house?

“My (28F) brother (33M) and I have a difficult relationship all because I started dating his best friend (34M) eight years ago and for him that was an unforgivable betrayal, and I know that to this day he still thinks the same, that’s why our relationship is almost non-existent now.

I apologized thousands of times for falling in love with his best friend and for not having been able to fall in love with someone else, but he never forgave me. We only see each other at family parties and that’s it, he didn’t attend our wedding and didn’t want to meet our children (6F, 4F, 2F) when they were born either so you can imagine how much he h**es me.

A few days ago we celebrated our mom’s (62F) birthday at my house because hers was being renovated. Well, my mom begged him to come because she is sick and she doesn’t know if she will be able to celebrate her birthday with us next year, and he accepted her invitation and went to my house.

Of course, since he arrived, he made it clear that he was only there for our mom and that he was not interested in playing happy family with me or my kids. I kept quiet because I wanted my mom to have a good day and ignored him.

After cutting the cake my mom opened her gifts, and one of those gifts was an album of the most important moments of all her children and grandchildren (something that for some reason she asked for a few months ago) And she was so happy with the album that she started looking at all the photos and showing them to the guests while remembering when she took each photo of us, her children.

In that album there were photos of my brother with my husband at their high school graduation (my husband was included because he and my brother have been friends since they were babies so he is like another son to her) and when my brother saw them he said something like “what a nice picture, no one would suspect that you would f**k my little sister a few years later”, my sister (31F) told him to shut up that he was being rude but he didn’t stop and kept looking at the photos to say things that nobody wanted to hear.

So I got tired and asked him to leave my house, I told him that he was being rude and inconsiderate with our mother, that I didn’t want him there. And of course he stormed off and now he thinks that the villain of the movie is me. And the worst thing is that one of our sisters (36F) thinks the same thing, because she thinks that I should have kept quiet since it’s my fault that he’s like that.


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