I can’t fathom how someone could possibly be an a**hole for getting their niece a Happy Meal, but we live in a weird world, my friends…

And this woman who was babysitting her niece wants to know if she was out of line for doing this…

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AITA? Teacher threw away niece’s lunch so I picked her up and took her to get a Happy Meal?

“I’m (20f) babysitting my niece (4f) for the week while my sister is on a business trip.

My niece misses her mom so to cheer her up, I put a couple treats in her lunch. Her lunch was:

A turkey and cheese sandwich with cucumbers and avocado. I also drew some cartoon characters on it with edible markers

Carrot sticks and ranch

Apple slices


Fruit snacks


Juice box

Clearly not the healthiest but also this is a special treat and she has all 5 food groups. I dropped my niece off at 9 and at 10 (snack time) I got a call from the teacher saying I had to drop off a new lunch because my niece’s was too unhealthy. I told her to give my niece the fruits or vegetables if she has a problem with the treats and she told me she threw away the lunch because it was distracting to the other kids.

I decided to call the office and tell them that I needed to pull my niece out for an appointment at 11 (lunch is at 11:30) and that she’d be back by the end of lunch.

So at 11, I picked her up, we got happy meals, cookies, fruit snacks, and milkshakes. Then at 12 (end of lunch) I dropped her off with her happy meal box and her almost finished milkshake.

Teacher saw this and was fuming. I guess she told my sister what happened because shortly after, I got a call from my sister saying I was being petty and should’ve just dropped off a new sandwich.

AITA for pulling my niece out and filling her up on sugar because her teacher threw away her lunch?”

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