No nicknames for this fella’s dogs…are we clear?

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AITA for telling my GF to not call my dogs by nicknames?

“I, 27 M, decided to take over my family’s farm about a a year ago, but I’ve been dating my girlfriend 24 for 6 months now.

When I took over the farm, I new I wanted to get two dogs that were great protectors, so I got a Rottweiler, mainly for guarding, and a Maremma Sheepdog, who does the most of the herding. Needless to say both dogs have important jobs and I always need them to be alert and aware in their training for the safety of themselves and the other animals on the property, that includes not treating them as pets.

Recently my girlfriend has been calling my dogs by two distinctive nicknames and it’s really bothersome, she calls my Rottweiler “Rumproast” and my Maremma “Jelly” which are not their names. She has also been petting/cuddling up to them as you would to a cute little puppy or something.

I understand that she loves them and the nicknames are out of love, but again these dogs are not to be treated as pets, they are workers. I explained this to her and told her that if she couldn’t understand where I was coming from I really couldn’t have her over anymore and we would have to continue to see each other outside of the farm. This made her upset in a sad way.

She was really sad when she had left, and I felt bad. I tried to explain my reasoning and side of things to her and even asked my lil sis for some advise, but my sister said that I was the AH here because my gf is just a great person who cares for the animals as much as I do, which is true so I get where she’s coming from, but I also need these dogs to stay trained as farm dogs.


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