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AITA for insisting my partner skip a work event?

“I (32F) have been with Paul (34M) for 4 years. A year ago we were in a car accident- Paul was driving and 100% at fault. Paul had no injuries, but I broke my back.

I was in a back brace for months and am still going to PT. After I was out of the brace I started going to the gym and running, and at this point I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I’m really proud of the progress I’ve made.

A month ago I found out that there was a 10k race on the 1 year anniversary of the accident in a mountain town about 3 hours away. I thought this would be a fun and positive way to spend the day and celebrate my recovery. I suggested this idea to Paul, my 2 best friends, and their partners- the plan was to drive there Friday afternoon, run the 10k Saturday morning, and spend the rest of the weekend exploring the town. Everyone was on board.

Paul recently started a new job. It’s fully remote and he hasn’t met his coworkers yet. He is supposed to fly to SF to meet his team the Monday after our weekend trip- we knew this when we made our plans.

A few days before our trip, Paul told me his bosses now want him to be in SF on Sunday because they got box seats to a Giants game and they want him to come, so he would no longer be able to come on our trip. I thought he was joking, because he makes fun of “corporate kiss-a** culture”, but he was serious.

I told him to explain the situation and that they can’t expect him to be available with less than a week’s notice. He said he had already told them yes and he didn’t want to backtrack. So I asked him to tell them he forgot he had a wedding to attend or something like that, and he said he didn’t want to turn down the offer because it would be a “really good networking opportunity”.

I suggested he join on Friday as planned and drive back late Saturday or early Sunday to catch his flight. He said no because he didn’t want to drive 6 hours round trip just for one day. I suggested he fly out of the regional airport nearby, which he also shot down because it would be too expensive (he makes good money so this wouldn’t be a financial burden).

I was almost in tears at this point, pleading him to come and telling him how important it was to me. When I realized he wasn’t going to budge, I stopped trying to convince him, but I did let him know I was hurt and angered by his decision.

The morning I was supposed to leave, Paul was trying to be affectionate and sweet towards me, but I’m still pretty upset, so I was admittedly pretty bi**hy to him and rejected all attempts at affection.

Now he’s upset with me for “ruining” our last day together and also for pressuring him to skip his work event. I think he’s an a**hole for prioritizing a baseball game over a celebration of my recovery, especially considering he’s the one that caused my injury in the 1st place.

My friends are on my side but I’d like some unbiased perspective.”

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