I gotta say, I’m the kind of person who truly believes that pets are family, so I get where this woman is coming from…

But did she act like an a**hole by not letting a guest sleep on her couch because it’s reserved for her dogs?

Hmmmm…that’s a tricky one.

Read her story below and see what you think!

AITA for not letting my guest sleep on the sofa, because that’s my dogs’ place?

“My best friend’s husband “Bob” (my husband’s close friend) was kicked out from home for being an idiot and asked if he could spend the night at our place.

We have a comfy pull-out sofa in our living room, which is where our dogs sleep. They had separate dog beds in the past, but they h**ed it so they sleep on the sofa now.

Because of that, I told Bob he can have the air mattress. He asked if he can sleep on the sofa instead and I told him no, because that’s where the dogs sleep. Bob didn’t like it, but accepted.

This morning, Bob was complaining about the air mattress deflating during the night and being so uncomfortable he barely slept all night. (I checked and the mattress was fine.) He also made some sarcastic comments to the dogs and me.

My husband wants us to apologize to Bob for making him sleep on the air mattress. AITA?”

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This reader said she’s NTA and this Bob fella is being pretty rude.

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Another individual said she’s NTA and Bob needs to get over himself.

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And this Reddit user also said she’s NTA and they wonder why Bob got kicked out of his place…

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