Parents sure don’t seem to be jazzed up about the emo look, do they?

I’ve heard more than a couple moms and dads complain when their kids dress in that style…and here’s another one!

But is this mom acting like an a**hole?

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AITA for not allowing my daughter go to her sister’s wedding because of her emo outfit?

“I have two daughters Ashley (26F) and Alex (15F).

I’m gonna start by saying they don’t get along that well and it is due to the age difference. Recently though they have been getting closer since Ashley let Alex help plan the wedding, it was really nice of her to include her in this.

Well the wedding was yesterday and it was suppose to wear formal attire, so before this we both got long dresses. Alex was suppose to wear the dress she got which was sage green. Alex normally wears emo clothes at the moment, which is fine.

Well she came down in the green dress and put a large slit in it that does up to her thigh. She also added a skull necklace, earnings, punk rock boots and really dark makeup. I told her to take that jewelry off quickly and give me the dress so I could fit the slit or at least make it shorter.

Alex got mad and said it was fine and was in the dress code. I told her no and that you will stand out. She refused again and i told her if she won’t fix it then she can stay home. She refused again and she missed the wedding.

Ashley understood why her sister wasn’t here, but my husband was furious with me and called me a jerk. Alex is still not talking to me also.”

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