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AITA for not paying for a competition trip?

“I (30 female) am married to my husband Joey (34). We both have daughters from previous relationships. My daughters name is Hailey (10) and his daughters name is Jenna (11).

Both of our daughters are cheerleaders for different teams. We recently just had their competition where the winners of first and second place go to compete in Disney. I have been saving all year since Haileys team is really competitive. Joey didn’t save for it because Jenna is on a smaller town team that’s not very competitive.

Haileys team unfortunately did not win their competition this year. Jenna’s team did win theirs. Hailey, my husband, and I were all proud of her and congratulated her.

Later that night my husband asked me about finances for the Florida trip. We have always kept finances for the girls separate as I pay for Hailey and he pays for Jenna.

I explain that since Haileys team didn’t win I figured her and I could go do something instead with the money I saved for Florida. Hailey doesn’t know this was my plan yet.

My husband thinks I’m being selfish and an AH because Jenna’s team did win and we should use that same money for her to go. I think Hailey could use a pick me up. I know people might ask about Jenna’s mother and she is not able to help financially for Jenna to go.

We have already spoken to her. Also if any of the girls on the team cannot go to florida then the team has to forfeit. The team might do some fundraising but the expense will be on the parents.


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