Do you consider yourself a fashion plate?

Someone who takes pride in looking good and flaunting their stuff when they hit the town?

If so, you’re in luck, my friends!

Because these 12 guides you’re about to see are really going to give you a boost!

And not only in the “looking good” department.

They’ll also help you out with cleanliness, comfort, and even safety.

Take a look so next time you leave the house, you’ll be ready to take on the world!

1. Ladies, this one is for you.

We hope it helps!

An easy guide for measuring the correct bra size
byu/ineptnoob incoolguides

2. Gotta have the perfect match.

Time to look sharp!

Best formal shoes+pant combinations
byu/MediocreChap incoolguides

3. Which do you prefer?

To each their own…

Style guide for men’s jeans
byu/Carnivalesque3 incoolguides

4. Some more bra info to help you out.

Go on wit yo bad self!

Simple Bra info chart.
byu/YOU_TUBE_PERSON incoolguides

5. All kinds of necklines.

Who knew?

Neckline Styles!
byu/chirpfox incoolguides

6. We all need some extra help in the laundry room.

Good luck in there! Be sure not to shrink anything!

For all your laundry needs
byu/Uppernined18 incoolguides

7. We all need this.

This is very handy!

Guide: How To Remove Stains From Clothes
byu/LIS1050010 incoolguides

8. And I’m willing to bet you DEFINITELY need this one.

It’s okay, don’t be ashamed.

This guide on how often to wash your clothes
by incoolguides

9. You don’t want to mess up those pants, do you?

I didn’t think so!

How to Hang Your Dress Pants (So They Don’t Fall Off the Hanger)
byu/jpc4stro incoolguides

10. This is crucial.

Can’t mess this up.

How to iron a Dress Shirt
byu/behrkon incoolguides

11. Yes! 18 different ways!

I didn’t even know that was possible!

18 ways to tie a necktie. May be helpful.
byu/OddSquirrel3 incoolguides

12. Here’s one for safety.

Be careful out there when you’re walking or riding a bike.

Biking or running in the dark? Here’s how the drivers see you based on the clothes you wear.
byu/mardowe incoolguides

Do you have any fashion tips for us?

Stuff that will make us look a little bit sharper?

If so, lay them on us in the comments.

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Thanks in advance!