Are you the type of person who even recognizes if someone is wearing an engagement ring or a wedding ring?

I definitely AM NOT.


But you know how some folks can be…this kind of stuff bothers them to no end.

So is this woman wrong for wearing her engagement ring?

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AITA for wearing my engagement ring when I knew my stepsister was getting engaged?

“I (28F) got engaged at the beginning of December.

For Christmas, I was staying with my mum and stepdad, and they were hosting my stepdad’s whole family (step siblings, mother, brothers, cousins + families) for a New Year’s party.

Prior to this, my stepsister (29F) Rachel’s (now) fiancé Matt informed my parents that he was going to propose and asked if it would be okay to do it at the party, and my parents agreed. For the party, everyone was dressing up, and obviously (to me) I was wearing my engagement ring.

Everybody already knew I was engaged but it was the first time they’d seen the ring in person, so at the start of the party, everyone was interested in seeing it. I did notice Matt was being a bit cold with me but I thought it was nerves.

The proposal happened and it was beautiful. Everyone congratulated Rachel but it was kind of a 50/50 on people wanting to look at and compliment her ring and mine. A lot of comparisons were made, nothing unkind, and everyone was really happy for Rachel, as was I.

The day after, Rachel and Matt blew up about me wearing my ring to the party. Rachel said I was deliberately trying to draw attention to myself on her special night, and that since I knew beforehand she was getting engaged I shouldn’t have worn my ring, since I don’t always wear it anyway.

I don’t really agree with this, since I’ve been engaged for weeks, and everyone already knew about it, it’s not like I stole her thunder, nor did I intend to by wearing my ring. I wore it because I’m engaged so it’s what you do. Matt then accused me of embarrassing by wearing my “colossally large” ring when I knew Rachel’s wouldn’t be anywhere near as big, and intentionally showing him up in front of the family. He even went on about the other jewellery I wore.

My stepdad called them both stupid for their outburst. My stepbrother says there’s no way I could have known that’s how they’d feel, it’s not like they asked me not to wear it.

My mum says while she knows I didn’t do it deliberately she can see where Rachel is coming from since everyone preferred my ring to hers. She also said that given that my ring is quite unique, I should have considered it would draw attention.”

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