I have a friend who I go out to eat with occasionally and the same thing happens every time…

When the food arrives, she doesn’t want what she ordered and she wants MY food.

Every time!

I’ve caved a few times, but man is that annoying…

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AITA for not swapping my meal with my pregnant cousin?

“Yesterday, my (24F) extended family went out for a dinner catch up. My cousin “Alison” (29F) came, she’s pregnant. I ordered a burger with fries, Alison had some type of herb pasta.

When our food came, she asked if I want to swap with her because she didn’t like the smell of the pasta. I said sorry, but I want my burger and maybe she can swap with someone else. She said she was suddenly craving a burger and no one else had ordered one. I told her she can order again. Alison said they’re saving for the baby and won’t waste money buying another dish, that I didn’t have to pay the difference if I swapped (the pasta was more expensive).

I kept saying no, she got really upset and said I didn’t understand the struggles of pregnant women. My mom saw and said I should just swap and was acting like a kid, I said Alison was acting like a kid. Alison said she was hurt and I don’t understand pregnancy, my aunt (Alison’s mom) noticed the commotion and told Alison to ‘learn how to deal with these things because not everyone will care about her’.

I’d had enough so I just started eating before anyone else could tell me to swap. My mom later said I created a scene for no reason and Alison’s pregnant so I should’ve been more understanding. She said she’s ‘lost face’ in front of my aunt. Now I’m thinking if I should’ve just sucked it up and swapped?”

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