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AITA for lashing out at my husband for suggesting I stop buying formula instead of cancelling his streaming services to save money?

“I’m (f32) the breadwinner and have a toddler and a 9 month old baby. Their needs are never ending and everything I buy is expensive.

My husband (m37) is unemployed but uses part of my salary for his subscription/paid streaming services which cost about 80+ a month for Hulu (premium) Netflix, HBO, Amazon,ESPN+ and more.

I keep finding myself coming up short with money. I kept neglecting buying hygiene products and have only one pair of shoes that look decent. I can’t remember the last time I bought anything nice for myself and keep feeling guilty just thinking of going shopping for stuff that is necessary. I sat him down for a discussion and told him his subscriptions are taking money I can’t keep paying for them when I have other responsibilities.

I asked him to choose one channel and he threw a fit calling me ridiculous to think streaming services are the reason I’m always short on money and blamed it on the “expensive” and “unnecessary” makeup he calls it “fakeup” I keep wasting money on. I got angry and said he needed to respect that makeup is part of my personality and won’t quit buying and wearing it.

He said that I was trying to financially control him since I got offended when he pointed out that I waste money on makeup and explained that he can not and WILL NOT be bought with money no matter how desperate he is.

I said ok then let me cancel all streaming services and keep one til he can pay for them once he finds a job but he refused and said since he’s the stahp then those streaming services are a right and not a privilege and I should keep paying for them without complaining since he’s staying with our sons all day and it’s taxing just like my job.

Final straw was when he suggested I stop buying formula and go back to breastfeeding since that is unnecessary and expensive. I was floored and was seething I lashed out at him asking him if he literally thought cancelling formula is better than his precious subscriptions. Also I work I have no time to breastfeed.

He just said he doesn’t know what it is anymore and that I was pushing him but I told him he no longer has the choice and I’ll just stop paying for all his channels/subscriptions altogether which had him reply that I was being unfair and un-appreciative of his efforts. He stormed off after calling me controlling and kept cold shouldering me.


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