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AITA for being upset with the clothes my granddaughter wore on her way out of the maternity ward?

“I know it sounds silly, but I would like an outside opinion and accept any judgment. I

have 4 children and 5 grandchildren. For all of my grandchildren, I made a knitted clothes and hat for them to come out of the maternity ward.

It started with my first grandchild and all the ones that followed, my kids asked me to do it.

It is customary in my country for clothes to be a certain color to represent something good (health, peace and protection).

I don’t do it professionally and I work, so it’s something I do in my spare time and it takes months because I do it with all the love and care. Nor do I force my children to accept it, most ask right after they announce the pregnancy if I can make the clothes.

My oldest daughter, I’ll call Pam, announced that she was pregnant and asked me to make it for her daughter (we found out later).

Clearly I did, she chose the color red and honestly, it was one of the prettiest jobs I’ve ever done and finished within 7 months of her pregnancy.

She gave birth about 20 days ago, my granddaughter was born healthy, perfect and bright.

I was heartbroken on the way out of the maternity ward when I found out that my granddaughter would not wear the clothes I made, but one that Pam got from her in-laws from a very expensive brand (like Gucci).

I didn’t say anything to her, but in a conversation with my son I just vented that I was heartbroken about it and that I wouldn’t have any problems if she didn’t ask and I didn’t do it in the sense of exposing my daughter or anything, but just after my son insisted on me talking because he realized that I was a little down.

The word spread among my childrens until it reached Pam in the form of a scolding for someone else.

She called me angrily saying that she didn’t believe I was jealous of an clother and that her daughter could wear at any time, but that I decided to make this moment about me and not celebrate my granddaughter’s life.

I’m lost, I’m just heartbroken that I’ve been making something so lovingly for months for a specific moment and not been told at any point that she wouldn’t use it.

My family is divided, some criticizing me and others on my side


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