It’s a fact that some people deserve to get canceled for the terrible things they’ve done in their lives…

But whatever happened to redemption?

Everyone is in such a hurry to get the latest scoop on famous people these days and cancel them for just about anything and everything.

So here’s the question…

Should people be embraced for making life changes instead of being canceled immediately?

AskReddit users got real about this important issue.

1. Is it dumb?

“Alexi McCammond getting fired for tweets from when she was 17 is dumb.

Why can’t we give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she’s a better and wiser person a decade after those things were said?

Ruining someone’s life only makes them bitter and more closeminded.”

2. Good point.

“Ever since the flashes of fame for certain Very Political Teenagers, Teen Vogue is trying to promote the idea that teenagers’ political positions should be taken more seriously, which is why they hired McCammond.

McCammond will be the first to tell you that teen politics should not, in fact, be taken seriously, because the teen years are filled with incredibly dumb mistakes. The whole idea of teen years is that your mistakes form you into a more mature human being.

I mean, teenagers are going to have political opinions – it’s inevitable! But they’re not going to be the opinions they hold for the rest of their lives.”

3. Come a long way.

“As a man who was a total piece of s**t 10 years ago, I can only hope this becomes more pervasive in the social discourse. I was verbally ab**ive. Rude to strangers and friends. Toxic constantly in my work. I really am ashamed of who I was, but I have accepted it.

Richard Gere in pretty woman, ‘Years of therapy and thousands of dollars’.

I am still not perfect but I am proud of how far I have come and I try and help others along in the same way. Forgiveness is a virtue that I hope everyone learns to bestow when earned.”

4. People change.

“People grow, mature, and learn. People who like to cancel make it seem like people can’t grow, mature, and learn. They make it seem like we are who we are forever… when we all know that isn’t true.

We can change, for better or worse (both ways). If someone has done better, then we should celebrate that fact, just like OP said, but if they are doing worse, then we must criticize, but still not cancel.

Cancel culture is a slippery slope.”

5. I agree.

“The cancel people think you must be perfect all the time and the slightest flaw means you are ever marked as a bad person for life.

They refuse to acknowledge that people change and grow over the years.”

6. Gotta be careful.

“That’s why you should be careful with your words when you write something on internet using your real name.

Because what you write on internet will stay on internet.

Kids shouldn’t be on social media and teenagers should have a crash course on how to use it.”

7. Being held accountable.

“Getting fired isn’t cancel culture.

People have been fired for posts on Reddit, doesn’t always seem valid, but rich people / influencers being held accountable isn’t an injustice.”

8. There’s a difference.

“I think the question is one of intent.

Were you a high school kid throwing around language you didn’t understand or overheard elsewhere? Saw your parents or friends laughing at a standup video or a show and thought it was ok to try to repeat because you thought it was cool?

Were you making a joke in the 80’s at the expense of people whose views were not yet widely known and shared and maybe whose viewpoint you hadn’t yet considered? Is there opportunity for you learn?

Then totally. Say sorry and let’s all move on.

Did you want to hurt or demean or belittle someone and then call “cancel culture” or “political correctness” because you got caught? Because people noticed you being bigoted or prejudiced or just a straight up a**hole? Naw. That’s not cancel culture, that’s consequence.”

9. Sociopathic.

“This act of ruining people’s lives over things they said or did or outdated opinions they had from ages ago is borderline sociopathic.

Nobody is “cancelling” someone over old content because they genuinely think they’re a bad person.

They want that person to suffer because they themselves are miserable. It’s sickening.”

10. Grow up.

“It doesn’t matter how long ago they made the remark.

If they said something ignorant a week ago and then apologise and show they have learned/grown then they should be given the benefit of the doubt.

People are way too quick to jump to conclusions and hold grudges for eternity and it shows they need some growing to do themselves.”

11. Mob mentality.

“The court of public opinion and MOB Justice have never been fair.

A quick peek in history will show you things like the Salem witch trials where innocent people were murdered.

I find this is the modern equivalent with some of these people having their lives completely ruined for a tweet they made 10 years ago.”

12. Drawing the line.

“The only time I agree with cancel culture is if the person has actually done something terrible.

Like did some questionable stuff to a minor, not some edgy tweet they wrote 6 years ago.”

13. Breaking it down.

“Classical liberalism: I disapprove of what you say but would defend to the d**th your right to say it.

Boycott: I disapprove of what you say so I’m not going to be your customer.

Cancel culture: I disapprove of what you say so I will make it so no one else can be your customer.”

Do you think people should be embraced instead of canceled for making life changes?

Tell us what you think in the comments.

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