If you’ve watched Saturday Night Live at all lately, you’ve no doubt noticed a funny comedian named Chloe Fineman.

She already has a pretty impressive resumé at her young age. She was a member of the famous comedy company The Groundlings, she was singled out at the Montreal “Just For Laughs” festival as a “New Face” and she’s made TV appearances on such shows as Search Party and Jane the Virgin.

One of Fineman’s specialties is celebrity impressions. For example, Timothée Chalamet, here’s her doing Timothée Chalamet…


Fineman calls that one a “work in progress” on her Instagram page, but I think it’s pretty on the money.

And, of course, there is her send-up of that YouTube kid who everyone seems to be in love with named JoJo Siwa. Check this one out…


And who can forget her sultry impression of Catherine Zeta-Jones?


Those are all pretty great, right?

Well, Fineman decided to set her sights on big Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon and we personally think that she really nailed this one. You might even classify this impression as PERFECT.

Take a look.


And guess what…? The big Hollywood star loved it!

Here’s what Witherspoon posted to a story on her Instagram page.

If you don’t follow Chloe Fineman on Instagram, you should definitely correct that mistake now by clicking HERE.

Do you know of any other great celebrity impressions?

If so, please share them with the comments.

I personally love all the ones that Bill Hader does!

We’d love to see them, thanks!