A woman’s soccer player in Jordan found herself in a difficult situation when her hijab fell off in the middle of a game. Luckily, her fellow soccer players were there to help out — even though they weren’t even on the same team.

The rival players gathered around the woman to provide cover while she fixed her hijab, effectively pausing the game while they did so. The incident is a true display of sportsmanship and female camaraderie.

Jordan Football Association shared a video of the special moment, which was tweeted by ESPN.

ESPN captioned the video,

“Bigger than sports.

When a soccer player’s hijab started falling off to reveal her hair, her opponents gathered around to provide cover while she fixed it.”

The encounter happened at the 2018 Jordan Football Association Final Women’s League game in Amman, and the video went viral this month.

Per ABC News: “Jordan Football Association identified the Shabab al-Ordon Club players pictured in the video as Stephanie Naber (#8), Hiba Fakherdine (#18), Shurooq Shathily (#20), Yasmeen Khair (#7) and Noor Zoqash (#3). The organization said that #16 asked not to be named.”

In the video, you can see that some of the soccer players on both teams wear a hijab, while others don’t. It’s a personal choice, but clearly, the women respect one another’s decisions on the matter.

On Twitter, people are pointing out how moving it is to see such good sportsmanship.

“Maybe there is hope for this world,” one user wrote.