Not gonna lie, I wish I had a better knowledge of Photoshop.

There are so many cool things you can do with it–like digitally insert your dad into culturally relevant moments across both history and cinema

That being said, Instagram user the_dadvent does this rather well.

1. “Hey, Eddie. Is that a rabbit in your pocket…

…or are ya’ glad to see me?”


2. “They can take our land…

…but they’ll never take our…sweater vests?”


3. Dad: We’re not getting a dog?

Dads when they get the dog.


4. The gas mileage on this thing is what!?

“I’m not chipping in. It’s not my fault you missed the exit.”


5. Hey, Point Break.

“Ya’ keep telling me you’re worthy, so how about a haircut and a job? No, no. Don’t give me that God of Thunder nonsense.”


6. Listen up, McFly.

“When this banjo hit 55 miles an hour, you’re going to hear some serious sh*t.”


7. I am unsinkable.

His embrace melts the North Atlantic iceberg of my heart.


8. Junior!

“There’s a fire.”


9. Ayyy, so we singin’?

“I feel like we didn’t have to sing in the rain… And we dance now? In the puddles? Do always wear taps shoes out?”


10. I don’t know what was in that red pill.

“Are you guys seeing all these 1’s and 0’s. I’m maybe not okay with this. Where’s the guy with the pills?”


11. Yippe ki yay.

“Young man, where are your shoes?”


12. Holy local jurisdiction, Batman

“The police just let you do this?”


Have you ever used photoshop to manipulate photos like this? Ever had the urge to let Leo hold you on the bow of the Titanic? Ever taken the time to do it?

Share it with us in the comments so we can legitimize your claim to Leo’s love and ensure you’re not just one of his French girls.

Au revoir.