Marriage, relationships, and dating come with a little give and take.

Although, the realness that comes with the act of coupling doesn’t usually take away from our individuality–which can lead to some friction.

But what’s a take without a little give, right?

1. That’s hot.

Like in a temperature sense.

2. Now is the winter of our discontent.

Made glorious moring by this coffee of Keurig.


3. But for real…

…they do hurt.

4. You do not wear the top hat as I do.

It is a part of me.

5. You think towels are bad?

A fitted sheet can end all things.

6. Phfff, there’s no excuse for you.

Wait wait, for real, I was kidding. I WAS KIDDING! PLEASE DON’T LEAVE!

7. Oof.

Back’s gonna’ hurt.

8. Look harder, obviously…

While I move things around a centimeter or two on this same cluttered shelf for ten minutes then complain about not being able to ever find anything.

9. I wanna hold your hand.

But mostly I want you to turn off this light.

10. But I’d not feel cheated.

If his love for Tom Bardy was over-inflated.

11. What’s funny, Jessie!? What!?

Is it humorous that I know I’m supposed to put the forks and spoons together in the same tray!? That the plates should always face inward.

Well, I didn’t do it this time, Jessie. I just didn’t do it.

12. That depends.

On how much you love me.

Like I said, coupling–just a little bit of that give and take. I hope you took away a laugh here.

If you have any funny stories about your other half comment below, or maybe you just need to vent about the toilet paper not being replaced in the “over” position because you live with a heathen–either way, we got your back.

Let us know and we’ll laugh through it together.