All cat owners know that cats are the real bosses of the household. What kitty wants, kitty gets. If they want a warm place to sleep, then they’re going to plop down wherever they find one. Sometimes that means your lap, your keyboard, or your literal face.

But now there is a heated cat house, so your cat won’t need to take over your space just to get cozy. It’s also helpful for cats who live outdoors to stay warm in the colder months — for example, feral cats with human caretakers.

Store it in a garage, car port, porch, or shed. As long as there’s an outlet within reach, it’ll work!

The cat house by K&H Pet Products is currently $68 on Amazon. Check it out!

Photo Credit: Amazon

There are two removable door flaps in front of the exits to keep your cat fully protected from the weather. Also, there are exits on either side, so kitty won’t be trapped inside if another animal tries to come in through one door.

The temperature is controlled by an internal preset thermostat, which heats up a 20-watt MET safety listed heating pad inside. The walls and roof are insulated.

The cat house is supposed to be waterproof, but reviewers say the waterproofing isn’t totally effective. So if you purchase it for the outdoors, you may need to cover it with a tarp or table to keep it dry in the rain or snow.

Photo Credit: Amazon

If you plan to keep this cat house indoors and your house already runs warm, you can also purchase an unheated version — it’s still insulated, but doesn’t have the heating pad inside.

Also, K&H makes cat houses in several different shapes if this style of house isn’t your thing.

It’s the perfect way to spoil your cat and make their lives even more comfy, just like they deserve.