Spotted in front of a store in a market in The Philippines, several stray cats showed they were fine with keeping their social distance from us and each other.

It’s been the suggestion of health experts people should keep at least 6 feet away from each other when out in public. Cats can show you how. Perhaps we humans can take a lesson.

Cats are naturally clean animals and not the most social of creatures so maybe this behavior is pure instinct for them.

Or maybe, they’ve confirmed our suspicions they are the superior beings. They simply choose to let us feed and pet them and clean up their poop.

Cats could also be from a magical planet and the mysterious circles on the street means it’s time to wait for the mothership. Cats, prepare for the journey home.

Considering they are strays, it’s curious the circles drew them like this. Sort of like how house cats can’t resist a cardboard box.

Whatever the reason, we should observe…and learn. I mean cats have been here for eons. Humans probably just one eon…two tops.

They’re smart, wily little things. Ever seen one not able to get out of a sticky situation?

But one astute Twitter user noticed something that could compromise their whole anti-infection strategy. Something very important, if not completely annoying.

Cats are great companions and teachers. Let us love them and learn from them. Practice social distancing and wear a mask.

Also keep your face and hands washed.