Tattoo artists really are doing amazing things these days, don’t you think?

And a Korean tattooer who goes by the handle tattooist_sigak is pretty darn skilled at doing coverups for people who want to forget a particular piece of ink that they put on their bodies…and you know there’s a lot of that going around these days.

Check out this artist’s great coverups below and be sure to click on the arrows in the posts so you can see what the art looked like before the magic happened.


1. The old whale and the new whale.

This turned out great!


2. Like a mystical wonderland.

I wonder what the story with the original tattoo was…


3. Here’s another whale for you.

This one was totally different.


4. Like I said, people are getting all kinds of bad tattoos.

And here’s another one that needed to be covered up.


5. Some kind of ice crystals, I believe.

Why did they decide to cover up the kitty?


6. This is a little bit different: scar coverups.

That’s an interesting idea.


7. This one is really cool.

He calls it “the purple night.”


8. Let’s make this a little more magical.

A huge improvement, indeed!


9. Bart Simpson is not gonna be around here anymore.

But something cool took its place!


10. Check out the progress on this one on the next slide.

Very cool.


11. Under a moonlit sky.

A real beauty!


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Thanks a lot!