I don’t know why any parent (or anyone at all) would react this way to a girl having her period for the first time, but we all know that people are strange.

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AITA for continuing to resent my dad for how he reacted when I got my first period?

“I am 16F and my dad is 45M.

I got my first period in the fall of 2019 when I was 13 and in 8th grade. Neither of my parents had ever taught me about periods so I had a bit of a “Carrie” moment.

Telling my mom was hard enough. She was upset because I’m an only child and she didn’t want me to grow up. I told my dad a few weeks later and he said, “great, my daughter is a b**ch now!” in a tone like he was mad at me.

Yesterday my dad asked me about the most annoying thing he ever said to me was, and I said the period reaction incident. He kept trying to justify it and said that I should stop purposely holding a grudge.


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