Children are the light of our lives, the future of our race, and complete innocents. However, that doesn’t stop people from mistreating them, even in the smallest, most insidious ways.

If you’ve ever used a babysitter or daycare service, they might have woken up the child before accepting them under their care. There’s a reason for this, and it’s not as simple as you might believe. Many parents assume they want to “introduce themselves” to the child so they don’t panic when they wake up, or establish a schedule so they’ll fall asleep during their actual naptime.

While these are valid reasons to rouse a child upon arrival, there’s actually a darker reason behind this. A child-care employee under the username Twattermelon explained why it’s so important to make sure the child is fully conscious before agreeing to care for them.

It’s policy, but that doesn’t stop parents from getting irritated with daycares and babysitters for following the rules.

Spoiler alert: he wasn’t “just tired”. There was something more dangerous at work here.

This Granny had a track record for things like this, and it put her grandchild’s life in jeopardy.

Because this employee recognized the child’s odd behavior and insisted on following protocol, the baby was safely taken to the hospital. The sad part is: many abusers do this to their children, and it’s something daycares and babysitters have to check for.

After reading her story, many other babysitters chimed in with similar warnings, each more harrowing than the last.

Moral of the story is: never accept a sleeping child into your care.

You don’t know if they’re healthy and unhurt, and there’s no way to tell until they’re fully conscious. If you or your local daycare allows parents to drop off sleeping kids, consider letting them know about the legal danger they could be putting themselves in. Better safe than sorry, especially when it comes to young lives.