No matter your background, you’ve likely heard warnings and stories about Ouija boards. They’re nearly ubiquitous in Halloween decorations, horror movies, and our nightmares.

In case you don’t know, they’re used to communicate with spirits using a letter board and a planchette. The planchette is touched by one or more people, and the spirit connects with the living to spell out messages on the board. Simple stuff, but the folklore surrounding Ouija boards is far more insidious.

Many spiritualists and paranormal investigators believe that using Ouija boards encourages communication between you and whatever entities are present. It’s an invitation, and invitations can be dangerous. According to believers: once the door is opened, it can be difficult to shut. This can result in unfriendly spirits or demons attaching themselves to your or your home.

So let’s delve into one of the most terrifying stories to come out of Ouija so far. Posted by Marcus Hitchcock on Twitter, this story serves as a terrifying reminder that ghosts bite when they’re disturbed.

It starts with his aunt, an abusive woman who supposedly believed in witchcraft.



The story begins after her death, when her belongings — including the Ouija board — were recovered.

And then… Katrina…

Enter the Uncle…


He goes on to explain that he was currently living with his aunt and uncle in a house. A house in the middle of nowhere. This is already shaping up to be a horror story.

The Uncle left them alone…

They were just children, and they made the dire mistake of touching their dead aunt’s Ouija board…

And… unfortunately… they asked the aunt.



Elmo is right, this is already looking scary.

Obviously, because the bed is a safe-zone.

Thrown under the bus… by his own cousin.


And then…

What in the f**king f**k?

Who’s at the door?!?


Ah, the classic “who is it” line. Works every time.

A pool noodle for a weapon… points for creativity.

Who’s that looking? AGGGHHHH!!!


Maybe it’s the pizza guy?


Not the pizza guy, not the pizza guy!

To the weapons!

We said it once, and we’ll say it again: Oh Neptune…

Time to set some things straight, right?

As if we’re not already triggered and terrified, Marcus.

Where’s that flashlight?!?

Okay, nevermind, I’m 10x more terrified than I was before.

What is going on?!?!?

Well, if this doesn’t work as a horror story, it does make a pretty compelling campaign for gun safety.


Who’s in the house?!?



You know when police get involved that it’s a serious ghost story.

Water on the floors… didn’t his aunt drown?

Was it his aunt? Well…

In the end…

The internet should be thanking you for sharing — now we all know better than to play with demons.


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