Who knew that sea shanties would be the next biggest thing? The internet has a way of reviving old trends through viral videos, but this takes that phenomenon to a whole different level.

Now, we can all feel like 19th century pirates sailing across the seas to Tortuga or the Bermuda triangle.

When web-dwellers hop on a trend, they don’t do it lightly.

As always, folks on the internet dove head first into creating some stellar content here.

Naturally, ultra-talented musicians came out in droves to add their own spin to the classic sea shanty.


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♬ original sound – Nathan Evans

Even the acapella versions are stunning.

Check out the awesome layering and harmonies Nathan Evans, a singer from Scotland, added in while covering “The Wellerman,” an 1860s whaling song that originated in New Zealand.


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♬ Wellerman – Sea Shanty – Nathan Evans

Of course, more singers and musicians had to hop on this trend.

Here’s Evans’ version completely with baritone, bass, and double bass parts to give the tune an epic, well-rounded sound.


While all that musical talent is pretty epic, the internet has had a couple mixed opinions about this new trend.

Some love it, some hate it, and some are utterly confused by it.

We get it – sea shanties are definitely not for everyone.

They’re definitely not the something you’d hear playing on the radio’s Top 40.

Plus, some people are just been plainly taking the trend way too far. I’m talking about full-blown EDM remix level too far.


Thanks for the support🙏 Full song in Bio. #seashanty #banger #fyp #foryou #foru #stitch #bass #duet #xyzbca #xyzcba #sound @_luke.the.voice_ @nthnevn

♬ ARGULES Wellerman Remix Sea Shanty – ARGULES

In a way, that’s kind of epic. In another way, that’s horrifying. Who knows what lies ahead for the sea shanty trend?

Perhaps a fully produced musical is just on the horizon!

What’s your take on the internet’s recent obsession with sea shanties?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments!