Even if you’re someone who isn’t into the British royal family or following them in print or online at all, there’s almost no chance you could have avoided coverage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana back in the 80s and 90s.

From their marriage to their adorable boys to the affair to the horrific way that she died, their relationship was captured by the media at every twist and turn…but still, you might not have noticed this strange little detail before now.

Not only was Diana pretty much beloved by all, a fantastic mom, and a woman dedicated to making the world a better place through charity work, she was a statuesque beauty that inspired women’s fashion, hair, and makeup choices around the world.

But, take a look at this typical photo of her and Charles together.


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Don’t look at her classically feathered hair or her beautiful ring, or the fact that they seem to be in love – it’s something else that’s strange.

Look at this one, too.

And this one.


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In every single picture, Diana’s head comes up to around Charles’ neck, so they seem like the perfect fit in every single way.

In truth, though, Diana was around 5’10…the same height as her husband.

Conspiracy theorists have wrestled with this fact for years, figuring that photographers and likely the royal family themselves thought Charles wouldn’t appear strong or “manly” enough if he was shorter than his wife.

Likewise, they preferred Diana appear “dainty” and not too tall or challenging her husband.

I’m still curious how they managed to manipulate every single picture this way, though. Was she slouching? Did she always wear flats? Was he wearing lifts, or standing on a crate?

All of the above?

We may never know the truth – no one can keep secrets like the royal family, after all – but we can still talk it over in the comments!