Social media has a lot of videos from people talking about how to spot cheating in relationships and here’s another one to add to the list.

A therapist named Kate shared a TikTok video where she told viewers that she can help people predict if their partners are going to cheat on them.

She said, “this is very general so take what you like and leave the rest.” Kate talks about an avoidant person and an anxious person in relationships and uses triangulation to explain her theory and says it can create a false sense of stability.

Take a look at what she had to say in the video below.

@restoringrelationships Healing for anxious attachments is expressing needs + getting support (which is v different than triangulating!) & for avoidants it’s leaning into connection #cheating #attachment ♬ original sound – restoringrelationships

Folks on TikTok shared their thoughts after seeing the video.

One user said,

“Just stay single mate, no headaches”

Another person said,

“Those of you who are avoidant need to get a grip & learn how to communicate. It’s really not that hard & not communicating causes so many issues.”

Yet another TikTokker learned a lot from the video and said,

“That video changed my outlook, I swear.”

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