Brides are known for their super-chill nature… NOT! The word Bridezilla was invented for a reason.

Media conglomerate Buzzfeed asked its users to share times when brides were totally zen under pressure, and these brides truly showed class in the middle of some trying circumstances. Let’s make this the norm!

10. This Punny Queen

“I’m a wedding planner, and right after one of the ceremonies, a bird pooped on the Ketubah — the Jewish marriage license which gets signed by the couple, their rabbi, and witnesses, and is usually framed and hung in the couple’s home.

I nearly had a panic attack having to tell the bride. But her response was to laugh and say, ‘Oh well. Shit happens.'”

– lynzeejay

9. She Couldn’t Stop Crying…

“My friend Monique had an outdoor wedding in a state park, and it was hotter than hell, humid, there were bugs swarming all around us, and — to top it off — the officiant showed up plastered. He was so drunk that he kept calling her ‘Marie’ throughout the ceremony, though she kept correcting him…

Well, suddenly toward the end of the ceremony, we noticed her shoulders shaking and thought she was crying. But as she got louder, we realized she was actually laughing so hard that tears were streaming down her cheeks! By the end of the ceremony, everyone was cracking up, and Monique and her husband were doubled over with laughter!”

– acrossthebar

8. Apple Bottom Jeans!

“My sister got married at an outdoor gazebo on the river, so we played the ceremony music on a stereo. Well, when they started the music for her to walk down the aisle, they accidentally started playing the wrong song! She took her first steps toward the altar to ‘Apple Bottom Jeans’ by Flo Rida! I was so relieved she just laughed it off!”

– alyssag4d8bf934c

7. What a Thoughtful Friend!

“We had depleted our savings a few months before my best friend’s wedding when I had to stop working because of my high-risk pregnancy and having to cremate our daughter. So my best friend was thoughtful enough to buy my dress for me and she was willing to pay for my expenses to get to her wedding.

Then, come her wedding day, I was 13 weeks pregnant with my second child — and not only did she have the photographer take pictures of us with her holding my bump, but she also took a photo holding the teddy bear that holds my daughter’s urn.”

– nikkilou

6. She Just Picked Her Up!

“At my best friend’s wedding, my daughter — who was her flower girl — tripped on a piece of carpet and smashed her face right into the bride’s gown. But my best friend just picked her up, dried her tears, and let her walk down the aisle with her and her dad.

And after all of my apologizing and worrying, she just hugged me and said, ‘Sister, she’s fine.'”

– erind4158057f3

5. The Fire Department Were Unexpected Guests But…

“We were at the altar about to take our vows when the fire alarm went off. It was an old church, so it had an old fire alarm we couldn’t turn off, and the sound was deafening! Well, everyone looked at me expecting me to flip out, but I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to wet myself!

We ended up finishing the ceremony on the front steps of the church, while the fire department was coming around the back, and we got some hilarious pictures of it!”

– dj826

4. Tough Under Difficult Losses

“My mom passed away the week before my wedding.

I was devastated, but I thought that since everyone had already planned a trip in town for my wedding, I should have her funeral the day before.

So we celebrated her life, and then we celebrated our new beginning.”

– courtneysuterg

3. We Just Rolled With It!

“The day of my wedding, it was 98 degrees and the room we were getting ready in had no air conditioning.

We were as sweaty as can be — even my dad’s tux was drenched! — but we just rolled with it.

And we laughed all the way through our father/daughter dance.”

– littleghosty

2. Makeup Solved This Problem!

“We spent the night before my cousin’s wedding watching cartoons, drinking vodka, and eating penis pasta in this little cabin.

Well, the morning of, the bride had a huge allergic reaction to the vodka from the night before, which caused her face to swell up, turn red, and peel!

But it was no big deal to her — she just put her makeup over it!

Nothing was going to ruin that day for her.”

– likelysam

1. A Touching Story

“It was my wedding day, and my father-in-law was late. When he finally came rushing in, I could see that he’d been crying, and when I asked him what was wrong, he burst into tears. He said that he was in the car crying because he was so happy his first son was getting married, and he lost track of time — and that seeing me in my dress made him cry again…

Just then, my wedding planner came over, furious that we were delayed. I told her to piss off, and hugged my father-in-law for another 10 minutes until he calmed down enough to walk into the church. He passed away in 2013, and I’m glad he got to see his son get married.”

– blueribbs84

Why yes! These brides proved that it’s possible to handle unexpected events, mistakes, and even tragedy with grace, class, and appropriate behavior.

Do you have any heartwarming stories about exemplary brides? We live for these redeeming narratives, and we’d love to read about more wonderful brides in the comments.