Did you have a “fun aunt” growing up? Or perhaps a “wild aunt?” I know I certainly did. She was the one who would take us out to the arcade, get us fast food even when we weren’t supposed to have it, and play all the best music in her car.

We love our aunts…especially when they’re a little extra. Sometimes it’s awesome, sometimes it’s ridiculous, but most of the time it’s just plain funny.

Check out these 13 aunts who are the literal definition of extra.

1. Um, how can we go to this?

She thought of EVERYTHING!

2. Brutal.

She wins. Hands down.

Photo Credit: Reddit: CalvinDehaze

3. Pepper deserves the best!

And you better do what she says!

Photo Credit: Twitter: @TommyRivers

4. This is a work of art.

Damn gurl!

Photo Credit: Twitter: @DaBratt

5. Someone might want to teach her about cropping.

It’s not that hard, auntie!

Photo Credit: Reddit: OutbackBrah

6. Gotcha.

Jesus will ALWAYS love you and want to be your boyfriend.

7. Bag life.

Oh my. She needs to get over it!

Photo Credit: Twitter: @mikster24za

8. Some people have baby photos, some people have clocks, but some people…

OMFG… that’s A LOT.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @scumsupr

9. Oh no!


Photo Credit: Twitter: @imaann_

10. This is genius.

Now THAT is an Aunt I want to party with.

11. I wouldn’t take it off either, tbh.

Okay, maybe I would if I were taking a dump.

12. So sweet.

We all need an aunt like this.

Photo Credit: Reddit: NeonHunter14

13. Wait…what?

Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Roseandwolf

Do any of these remind you of your aunt? Or maybe they remind you of yourself!

Let us know in the comments, yo!