If you’re hitched, you most likely know the drill.

And you know the struggles…

You have ups and downs, highs and lows, peaks and valleys…how many more ways can I say it?

I’m trying to say that marriage can be complicated…but you already know that, don’t you?

So take a gander at these funny tweets about the sacred institution that we all know…and that some of us love.

Hooray for marriage!

1. This could be a warning sign.

Do I know you…?

2. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior.

What is wrong with this man?


3. And that’s why you have to be very careful, my friend.

Choose your words wisely…it’s all going into her hard drive.

4. You better get on it!

You’re gonna be in trouble…

5. She thinks you’re already losing it.

It might be time to go get your head checked.

6. That is some passive-aggressive behavior, right there.

That’s when she knows you’re really mad.

7. That’s why you’re seeing things like that.

Put your glasses back on!

8. Sounds like you have a keeper!

Hang on tight to this one!

9. You’re going to have a terrible night.

This is why you always need to have a secret stash!

10. Keep your voice down!

What on Earth are you doing?!?!

11. I think you’re gonna need to leave the house.

Maybe you should just come back home on Monday…

12. She must have been in a huge hurry.

Hey, we’ve all been there…or least most of us have…


Be honest with us…

Is your spouse getting on your nerves lately?

Give us the straight dope in the comments!