Sometimes, life throws all of us a curveball…and I mean that in a good way!

It’s always fun to stumble upon something cool when it is completely unexpected. And that’s exactly what happened with the people who shared these photos.

Hey, surprises can be fun!

Let’s take a look and see what kinds of things these folks uncovered!

1. On the frontier.

I wonder how old it is…and who it was intended for…

My friend was splitting logs and found an arrow head
byu/blunt_hound inpics

2. This is really incredible.

What are the chances of finding this?

36 Vettes from an 80s promtional ..one from each production year from 1953 to 1989 found sitting in a nearly abandoned New York City storage lot for about 25 years
byu/eaglemaxie inpics

3. Let’s go back to 1969.

One small step for man…

My Grandma has original Moon landing printing plates from the Time Magazine cover.
byu/Wbrimley3 inmildlyinteresting

4. Taking the train.

When train travel was all the rage. I wish it would come back, frankly…

This railway ticket we found in our barn. The stamp on the back says Aug 18, 1890.
by inmildlyinteresting

5. Took a gamble…

Awesome! And for only three bucks!

I found this taped up in the toy aisle of Goodwill. Couldn’t tell what it did but thought I could detail it. Took a $3 gamble and then this happened…
byu/Cursed_0ne inStarWars

6. That is really cool.

Hang on to those forever, friend.

My grandfather had a miniature set of all of Shakespeare’s plays. It’s 111 years old.
byu/FX114 inpics

7. What a nice gesture.

Why on Earth would something like that be in the trash?

A nice couple found my great grandpa’s purple heart in a forclosed home in a box labled “trash” and returned it to my family.
byu/Phabricated_Phocks inpics

8. Wow! What a find!

From centuries and centuries ago.

My friend just found this little statue while digging in his own garden. The archeologists from the museum told him that it is probably from a grave dating back to 3-4000 years ago.
byu/lodeluxMeaLux ininterestingasfuck

9. I’d like to flip through that.

Back in my day…

My late grandma still had her tv operating guide from 1962
byu/Rogation inmildlyinteresting

10. You always gotta wonder what’s below the water level.

What else could possibly be down there?

After a construction company caused a local reservoir level to sink 10 ft, a 600 year old Buddha carving was found.
byu/49and8 inpics

11. Found in the pocket.

A cool historical artifact.

Found in the pocket of my grandpa’s WW2 bomber jacket.
byu/itskateinabox inpics

12. I’d like to see the keys as well.

These are very unique!

These intricate old keyholes
byu/Clevercapybara inmildlyinteresting

13. What’s the story behind this…?

Did she have a secret, perhaps?

My Great Great Aunt’s 100 year old nursing kit has a vile full of cocaine tablets and a syringe.
byu/Crepes_for_days3000 inmildlyinteresting

These finds were all really cool, huh?

I love a good surprise when it is least expected!

Now we want to hear from all the readers out there.

Have you made any interesting discoveries like the people did in these photos?

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Please and thank you!