Hey, Millennials!

Are you ready for a trip down Memory Lane?

Well, today’s your lucky day! Because these pics are gonna bring you WAY BACK.

You’re about to lay your eyes on photos of things that you probably haven’t thought about for a while…but they’re gonna make the memories come flooding back!

Let’s take a look!

1. Were you a member of the Kids Club?

If you weren’t, you were missing out.

2. Time to make some Creepy Crawlers.

How cool was this set up?

3. These were pretty popular.

Do you remember eating these at the movies?

4. They kind of looked like flip phones.

These are definitely looking pretty vintage these days.

5. This was definitely a status symbol.

But good luck trying to figure it out!

6. Driving your mom nuts by flicking it back and forth.

Those were the days!

7. This was never a walk in the park.

Not fun at all…

8. If you had one of these, you were very cool.

Were you one of the lucky ones?

9. You could spend all day trying to pick out the right poster.

You didn’t want to blow it, ya know?

10. Keep staring at it and hopefully you’ll see something.

Sometimes you ended up standing there for quite a while.

11. This was always a lot of fun.

Do they even sell these tapes anymore? I doubt it…

12. And who could forget these?

They were definitely collector’s items.

What are some other things you remember from growing up?

Tell us what you think in the comments.

Thanks a lot!