Cats are many things: playful, wild, spunky…oh, and they also don’t give a sh*t whatsoever about your personal space or your privacy.

But, hey, that’s something we’re all willing to accept when we take these wild animals into our homes, right?

It’s just part of the deal: they eat, sleep, and do whatever they want all day while we wait on them hand and foot…and then they’re also all up in our faces when we’re trying to bathe, use the bathroom, sleep, etc.

What a deal for them…

But, it is what is, friends.

Enjoy these photos of kitties who don’t know the meaning of the term, “personal space”.

1. Here is my offering.

And you better like it…or else…

This is my cat, who likes to poke you when you’re in the bath. She is slightly handicapped so can’t bring us mice like the other cats, so instead brings us leaves and meows until we acknowledge them 🐾🐈
byu/milliepow inaww

2. There’s something lurking far below…

Really? You had to come in here right now?

The abyss staring back
by infunny

3. Now that is pretty sweet, don’t you think?

They’re just trying to help out!

After a massive panic attack I decided to take a bubble bath. The kitties were still too worried to leave my side ❤️
byu/lilvamp666 inaww

4. I can’t say I’ve ever seen this before…

But, to each their own…

My cat likes to take baths with me.
byu/BowChikaMeowMeow inaww

5. Get her out of there!

Protecting the family.

Our cat is very protective of our newborn. She does not approve of her getting a bath.
byu/wroy88 inaww

6. The gang’s all here!

Can I have a little time to myself, please?

That moment when you’re trying to take a relaxing bubble bath, but get the distinct feeling you’re being watched.
byu/darthpickles inaww

7. Hey there…what are you up to?

Cinnamon…we’ve talked about this before…

This is Cinnamon, she likes to make you uncomfortable while you use the bathroom!
byu/Sam474 inaww

8. I need to be with you every second!

I guess it’s kind of cute…sort of…

I now know I’m not the only one! He goes from the toilet, to the sink, climbs on my shoulders, and perches on my head.
byu/nyliecyrus inaww

9. I’m coming in, whether you like it or not!

That’s kind of impressive.

My parents’ cat destroyed bathroom’s door vents so he could spy while we pee
byu/zly-wplyw inWhatsWrongWithYourCat

10. Well, this is awkward.

What do you guys want now?

byu/chefjessphd inaww

11. Mind if I join you?

Yes…I mind a great deal.

Showering, when suddenly…
byu/bhaktee inaww

Okay, cat owners, now we want to hear from you…

In the comments, share some of your own photos of your furry friends invading your personal space…we know you have ’em!

We can’t wait to see your pics!