You would think that they’d have the hang of this thing by now, right?

I’m talking about our cats and how they sometimes forget how to…well…be cats.

We can try to figure out what’s going on inside their heads, but you know that’s pretty much an impossible task.

They’re weird and they’re gonna do their own thing, no matter what us lowly humans try to say to them.

Here are some cats that are clearly having a few struggles…

1. You need to learn how to loaf properly!

You’re still not getting it!

My cat Luna doesn’t loaf properly. Instead she does… whatever this is.
byu/lunababy247 inWhatsWrongWithYourCat

2. She can wait all day if she needs to.

Well…you better get busy…

She’ll hold this pose until you pet her…
byu/ughhhfine inWhatsWrongWithYourCat

3. I think she had too much catnip.

Are you okay?

byu/Tristan69420 inWhatsWrongWithYourCat

4. A very unusual way to sit.

It’s like he’s from another dimension.

He’s sitting on the wall
byu/Denso95 inWhatsWrongWithYourCat

5. She likes the warmth…

Of macaroni and cheese…

she doesn’t even eat it, she just likes the warmth
byu/m8m3 inWhatsWrongWithYourCat

6. You’re a little too big now, buddy.

But you can still try if you want to.

when he was little, would crawl into my hoodie pocket and purr while i carried him around the house…. he still tries.
byu/pm_me_costumed_cats inWhatsWrongWithYourCat

7. All kinds of weird poses.

He’s kind of like Gumby.

He always has a weird pose for his naps
by inWhatsWrongWithYourCat

8. You’re gonna hurt yourself!

Don’t bite too hard!

byu/rain3y_ inWhatsWrongWithYourCat

9. I need to know what you’re doing at all times.

I think she might be a little OBSESSED.

My sisters cat is obsessed with whatever she’s doing, ALL the time!
byu/aca6825 inWhatsWrongWithYourCat

10. You touched his back…

And he immediately turned to Jello.

I touched his back
byu/blaurascon inWhatsWrongWithYourCat

11. Whatever makes you comfortable.

Be careful that you don’t fall off.

Soup’s sleep spot of the week is the couch crack
byu/LSDMTCupcake inWhatsWrongWithYourCat

12. Be honest with us…how much have you had to drink?

Or maybe you were smoking the Devil’s Lettuce?

Living the high life
byu/jay_atx inWhatsWrongWithYourCat

Now we want to hear from you!

Do you have any cats under your roof?

If the answer is YES, share some photos with us and tell us about all the mischief that they cause. Thanks!