People go missing all over the world every day but we only hear about a small fraction of them. But there’s no doubt that many of those stories are incredibly disturbing.

Here’s what readers on Buzzfeed had to say about missing people cases they think are creepy.

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1. Amy Fitzpatrick

“Amy Fitzpatrick was 15 years old. Her mother and stepfather moved her to Spain from Ireland, but she was deeply unhappy and wanted to return home. On New years Eve 2008, she was walking home from a friend’s house in Spain and disappeared. Her stepdad later went on to fatally stab her brother…very fishy stuff.”

2. Kyron Horman

“If y’all want something sad, just look up Kyron Horman from Portland, Oregon. He’s been missing for nine years, and there have been very little leads.” On June 4, 2010, 7-year-old Kyron was taken to school by his stepmother, Terri. When he didn’t arrive home from school later that day, Terri called the school.

The secretary said he’d not been in school and had been marked absent. The secretary, realizing he was missing, called 9-1-1. A large-scale search effort was launched and rewards posted up to $50,000 by July. A number of legal proceedings have taken place in the time since — including one by Kyron’s mother against Terri. However, Kyron has still never been found.

3. The Jamison Family

“The Jamison family has always been interesting to me. There are theories that range from meth use to witchcraft, and their case is still unsolved.” In October 2009, the Jamison family — Bobby, Sherilynn, and their daughter, Madyson — mysteriously disappeared.

The family’s pickup truck had been found only a few days after their disappearance, with their dog (barely still alive) inside. However, the family’s bodies were never found — only ID cards, wallets, phones, a GPS system, and $32,000 stuffed in a bank bag under the driver’s seat.

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4. Susan Powell

“There is a podcast titled Cold that goes into further detail about her story, but man, this one tore me up.

She goes missing, husband acts like he doesn’t really care, her father-in-law had admitted to being in love with her (although she wasn’t), cops finally start gaining some evidence to prove husband did it, and he k**ls himself and their two boys a few days before a polygraph test.

Been missing 10-plus years and her body has never been found because they think he dumped her in a Utah mine. Broke my heart.”

5. Lars Mittank

“Lars Mittank was a German backpacker who went missing in Bulgaria. He was acting increasingly erratic in the days leading up to his disappearance.

Then on the day he was due to fly home, he was caught on airport security cameras running from the airport, climbing a fence, and fleeing into the woods. The video alone is terrifying.”

6. Jennifer Kesse

“She’s been missing since 2006, and not long after she disappeared, her car was discovered about a mile from her home.

This one always haunts me, especially how the surveillance video picture captured the face of the person who mysteriously parked her car at just the right moment so he would still be hidden.”

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7. Asha Degree

“She went missing almost 20 years ago. She was only 9 years old and allegedly left her family’s home all alone in the very early hours of the morning with a backpack she’d packed herself the night before. It was raining very heavily, and a driver saw her walking down a road and tried to talk to her when they realized it was a little girl all alone.

They were going to help, but she ran into the woods. Police found candy wrappers in a shed and also found her backpack a year later, still packed, near a construction site, but no trace of Asha. To this day no one really has a clue what happened to her. Police looked in to whether or not she was being abused at home, but there was no evidence whatsoever of that.”

8. Emanuela Orlandi

“She was a citizen of the Vatican with close ties to the Pope when she disappeared at the age of 15 after a music lesson. It involves Avon, the man who tried to assassinate the Pope, and s** scandal theories.

Her parents received a mysterious tip hinting that she may have been buried by the tombs of two German princesses inside Vatican City, but neither her nor the princesses were found when they dug up the graves. Now they may have found the princesses, but Emanuela is still missing. Another girl around the same age named Mirella Gregori also went missing about 40 days prior.”

9. Danielle Imbo and Richard Petrone, Jr.

“The craziest one I know of is from Philly. Richard Petrone and Danielle Imbo were seen leaving the Abilene bar on South Street, and driving in Petrone’s Dodge Dakota heading back to Imbo’s house, and then not them or the truck were ever seen again. The rumor was a drug debt had something to do with it, and the lone person of interest k**led himself in prison.”

10. Cherrie Mahan

“In 1985, she got off the school bus and was never seen again. She was the first child listed on the ‘Have you seen me?’ search cards but was never found and declared legally d**d in 1998. It’s sad because I went to the same school she went to, and some of the teachers there were friends with her and remember her, but it’s just a mystery what happened to her.”

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