Why can’t you just mind your own business!

No, I’m not talking to you, I’m talking to the dog that is seated by my feet that keeps trying to jump up onto my chair and interrupt my work…even though she weighs 50 pounds and is a little bit too big to be a lap dog.

Her name is Coco and she does what she wants, when she wants…

And I think it’s safe to say that a lot of pooches out there are the same way: they play by their own rules and when they want to be in your business, they’re gonna do it!

Here are some perfect examples of what I’m talking about…

1. You’re not supposed to be in there!

It’s for cats only. Can’t you tell?

Peeping through the cat hole
by inaww

2. What’ll it be, Ted?

It might be time to cut him off.

Ted wanted French fries at the bar.
byu/hollypoosays inaww

3. Where did you come from?

Is that a Yeti?

Don’t mind me fren, just doin me a peek
byu/Theundercave inrarepuppers

4. I guess you can watch.

Since you already dug a hole…

Our neighbor’s dogs have dug themselves a hole under our fence so that they can watch our dogs.
byu/SplendaHulk inaww

5. Don’t get too close.

You might get smacked in the face.

My dog, spying on my cat
byu/Paytoon infunny

6. Look at this gruesome twosome.

They just want to play!

I have some nosey neighbors.
byu/Grocery_Getter inaww

7. This is amazing.

He wants to know what you’re watching.

Peeping Tom
byu/Gojiwa inaww

8. Let’s see what’s going on outside.

Keeping tabs on folks around town.

2 for 1 special
byu/skintightspandex inPeepingPooch

9. This is not for you.

Don’t even think about it!

Eggs, bacon, and french fries
byu/Turtleramem inFoodPorn

10. What are you up to?

Can we go outside and play?

Just seeing what mom is up to.
byu/brittvny_nicole inPeepingPooch

11. Can you get your head out of there?

You better be careful!

PsBattle: A dog peeping through a hole
byu/Ricardo406 inphotoshopbattles

Does your pooch ever do this to you?

If so, please tell us about it in the comments.

And share some pics with us, too!