And…it looks like you blew it. Yes, I’m speaking to the people who are responsible for the work fails that you’re about to see, but I’m also looking at YOU, buddy.

We might not know each other personally, but I have a feeling that you’ve messed up royally at your job lately and you need to be scolded…

So, just keep that in mind…and know that I’ll be watching…

And, with that, it’s time to enjoy epic work fails by other people!

1. I’m pretty sure that spells out P-O-O-P.

Oh, boy, this is not good.

Not sure if intentional or oblivious, but this architect did a crappy job.
byu/moderately_nerdifyin inonejob

2. That was a nice surprise.

But the pizza joint is missing a cutter…

I guess they decided to include the cutter as a premium topping
by inonejob

3. You deserve a break!

Nice work on this one!

Finished labeling the package, boss.
byu/tuokcalbmai inonejob

4. Elmo has now been possessed.

What do you have to say about this?

Elmo born with eyes on the back of his head
by inonejob

5. Hmmmm. Can’t seem to get past this screen.

Does anyone have suggestions?

Teachers making quizzes
byu/YourBoiAlan inonejob

6. I’d probably skip this place if I were you.

They’re eating people!

Food may contain human flesh
byu/MrVoldemort inonejob

7. Do you think anyone fell for it?

I’m guessing NO.

You were close here.
by inonejob

8. I have to think about that one…

You know what, I’m really not sure…

I honestly want to know how someone manged this
byu/Im_Saying inonejob

9. Just go ahead and use it whenever.

It has no expiration date!

Legend has it that it’s still good to this day
byu/cope413 inonejob

10. Free coffee for sale!

What a deal!

Task failed successfully
byu/ItzMeMilo inonejob

11. Don’t try this at home.

Also, this is false advertising.

That’s definitely not “Bath” Sponge.
by inonejob

12. This was from a “professional” bakery.

Now, how does that work…?

hAppY BiRthDay COlleEN (from a professional bakery)
byu/dddddddssss inonejob

Okay, it’s confession time…

What’s the biggest fail you’ve ever been guilty of at work?

Talk to us in the comments and SPILL YOUR GUTS. Thanks in advance!