Yes, I know they’re called “accidents” for a reason, but when it’s HUGE and there’s a TON of money involved…well, it doesn’t make anything easier.

And you know that heads might’ve rolled when you take a look at some of these beauties.

I think my worst personal experience was wrecking a box truck while working on a commercial in Chicago. Oops! Sorry about that, “Production Company That Hired Me.” Let’s just say that I never worked for them again after that day…oh well…you live and you learn.

Let’s hope these folks are doing okay after having to deal with these costly mistakes and accidents.

1. Not good. NOT GOOD AT ALL.

How do you think this happened?

If insurance companies had nightmares…
byu/Liberal_Leopard inThatLookedExpensive

2. A huge OOF.

Can’t replace a one-of-a-kind piano, now can you?

Big Oof
by inThatLookedExpensive

3. Never seen something like this before…

Have you?

The slide opened inside the aircraft
byu/viboux inThatLookedExpensive

4. Sorry about that…

The wrong place at the wrong time.

Cement truck mishap
by inThatLookedExpensive

5. I have a feeling those were pretty expensive.

And all because of a train derailment.

New Boeing 737 fuselages wrecked in train derailment in Montana (July 2014)
byu/PerciFlage88 inThatLookedExpensive

6. Darn hail did it again!

I hate when that happens!

Renewable Energy Needs Renewing
byu/Absentfriends inThatLookedExpensive

7. That’s pretty sad.

Gone in a flash.

byu/ElBarani inThatLookedExpensive

8. I remember this!

What a bad way to end a vacation.

Two carnival cruise ships colliding
by inThatLookedExpensive

9. A huge repair will be needed.

Try explaining that one to the big boss man or woman.

Tug hit an A300
byu/SorryIdonthaveaname inThatLookedExpensive

10. It all sank to the bottom.

Time to call the insurance company.

This guy sunk his raptor and Jeep trying to save his $300,000 boat that was sinking
byu/SloppyToppyDownSouth inThatLookedExpensive

11. What are the chances?

Life is funny sometimes.

Stray bullet landed on a solar panel i just installed.
byu/zopilord inWellthatsucks

12. That thing shouldn’t have been taken out on the road.

Am I right, or am I right?

Aston Martin that was worth £1.5m.
byu/Jorarl inThatLookedExpensive

13. Marty McFly and Doc Brown blew it.

Now they’re stuck in 1955.

It will hurt the wallet
byu/Venom4174 inThatLookedExpensive

Now we want to hear about your major fails.

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