Oh, human beings…when will they ever learn…?

It sure seems like they put their feet in their mouth or do something incredibly stupid all the time, doesn’t it?

Well, we can’t make people get any smarter and if we tried we’d fail miserably, so I guess the next best thing we can do is LAUGH AT THEM. Because laughter is the best medicine and we could all use a good laugh right about now.

And these people you’re about to see, they’re gonna provide you with some Grade A, hilarious fails that might make you feel a little bit better about yourself.

1. This is gonna be one hell of a meeting.

Only one person allowed…

byu/cheronaback infacepalm

2. Is this person a chef?

I feel like they might be a chef.

Those fancy names
by infacepalm

3. You are a LIAR!

And you just got caught.

[deleted by user]
by infacepalm

4. Still alive!

Just so you know…you probably could have looked that up very easily.

I’m uncomfortable.
byu/ewMichelle18 infacepalm

5. A DUI is a DUI.

No way around it, buddy.

Test Positive for DUI
byu/mrpeabodyscoaltrain infacepalm

6. GoldiLion and the Three Dogs.

I remember it well…

Bless, he’s so tired 😂
byu/PeaceOrchid infacepalm

7. Chicken corn on blue.

One of my favorite dishes.

chicken corn on blue
byu/mr_trixxter inBoneAppleTea

8. Be gentle with the during meta-pause.

A lot of different emotions going on.

byu/sar722 inBoneAppleTea

9. This is so amazing.

How do you not know this? HOW?

byu/WorldAnchovy inBoneAppleTea

10. Gotta delicate that work out.

Be a good delicator!

Delicate. Words of wisdom!
byu/spectralcanvas inBoneAppleTea

11. Wow…not sure what to say about this one.

Pretty mind-blowing.

In Car Serrated
byu/nosam555 inBoneAppleTea

12. Hahahahaha. Yes! Incredible!

The best kinds of citizens.

Law biting citizens are the best kind of citizens.
by inBoneAppleTea

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