Life moves pretty fast and sometimes you need to take shortcuts, you know what I’m saying?

And learning some life hacks that can save you some time and energy are always appreciated.

Especially if you consider yourself a bit on the lazy side…it’s okay, just go ahead and admit it.

Ain’t no shame in it!

Let’s see what these folks have up their (lazy) sleeves. We think they’re gonna come in handy…

1. Nobody likes to do the dishes.

And here’s a good way to get out of doing them.

I made onion rings but I didn’t want to wash a plate so I put them on a chopstick
byu/Darqxs inlazy

2. I guess you weren’t in the mood to exercise, huh?

Just have a seat and take it easy.

Brought own chair so didn’t have to stand and push
byu/HourlyAlbert inlazy

3. Dinner is served!

This is gonna be delicious!

Looks Right
by inlazy

4. Didn’t get very far with this one.

Well, at least you got some of it done.

Lazy Sign
byu/UncleSeminole inlazy

5. You did the right thing.

And you’ve inspired so many of us out here!

When you don’t want to wash dishes
byu/nova1739 inlazy

6. Hey, whatever works, right?

You better believe it!

My family was too lazy to put new toilet paper in the holder so we plopped some tissues on it instead
byu/zpolzpol inlazy

7. This is some homemade goodness right here!

You’ve impressed all of us.

I was too lazy to get the wrapping paper in my car, so I found some clothes I didn’t wear anymore. It took more work than it would’ve to just go to the car.
byu/fancymcbacon inpics

8. It looks really comfortable, too!

Give it a shot!

We use only the latest hands free technology
byu/unstablereality infunny

9. This is just kind of sad.

But I guess if they were in a hurry…

Someone at the city hall is lazy.
byu/laiwzhu infunny

10. Gives new meaning to a “hands-free” device.

He needs to start selling these!

This genius watching Taken using a clear plastic bag to hold his phone on a plane.
byu/kimantor1 inmildlyinteresting

11. But…how are you going to take a shower?

You know what? Never mind: this works!

The perfect garden for people too lazy to water their plants.
byu/Chouette4u infunny

12. The marketing is already built in!

Try the Swing String! Never swing your kids again!

Swing String (Parent Life Hack)
by inlifehacks

Do you have any good life hacks you’d like to pass along to us?

Please share them with us in the comments!

Thanks a lot!