Ahhhhhhh, let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? Don’t worry, we’re not going too far back in history.

But if you’re in the 30-45 age range, the nostalgia will probably come rushing back.

Enjoy…and try not to shed a tear.

1. Orange VHS for days

I loved all of these colored tapes!

The Rugrats Movie! With the awesome orange VHS tape
byu/Iamplumbus innostalgia

2. Me, too!

The hours and hours and hours my parents would have to endure of me wandering…

I miss the experience of rental stores
by ingaming

3. Not a winner

Don’t they still have these? Soda caps are still a thing, right?

Soda caps that told you immediately if you won or not
byu/Breakingbay innostalgia

4. I really miss these

OMG! The amount of time spent laboring over these!

Burning the sickest CDs in the neighborhood.
byu/Jeffrey_Strange innostalgia

5. Did you have this rug?

And if you didn’t, were you even living?

6. Danger! Danger! She’s going around!

I’m sure some kids got killed doing this, but not me!

Who remembers swinging so high that the poles came out of the ground
byu/bigdiggernick009 innostalgia

7. Held all kinds of stuff

Definitely not cigarettes, though! Thankfully.

Car door ashtrays.
byu/PunchyPractitioner innostalgia

8. The best smell in the history of school.

That day was THE day… back in the day.

9. There were no rules in this game

Twenty kids enter the ring. Only one winner will emerge. Fight!

Most exciting five minutes of elementary school [FIXED]
byu/sinfulcolors infunny

10. Just a little bit different

Did they even know what fashion was?

I was not a well dressed child.

11. OG emojis

I love them all.


12. A childhood staple

OMFG… these were horrible.

School cafeteria chicken burgers
byu/notafuckingcakewalk innostalgia

13. Here, here!

I mean… remember?!


14. Always a bummer

But it was also very exciting when you got a PERFECT snap.


How many of these photos reminded you of your childhood?!?! Oh, all of them?

Okay, well, which one of these photos holds the fondest memories for you? For me… it’s the VHS tape and the rental section. Ahhh… the hours I spent in Blockbuster. *sniff*

Let us know in the comments, fam! Please and thank you!