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Ahhhhhhh, let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? Don’t worry, we’re not going too far back in history.

But if you’re in the 30-45 age range, the nostalgia will probably come rushing back.

Enjoy…and try not to shed a tear.

1. Orange VHS for days

The Rugrats Movie! With the awesome orange VHS tape from nostalgia

2. Me, too!

I miss the experience of rental stores from gaming

3. Not a winner

Soda caps that told you immediately if you won or not from nostalgia

4. I really miss these

Burning the sickest CDs in the neighborhood. from nostalgia

5. Did you have this rug?

6. Danger

Who remembers swinging so high that the poles came out of the ground from nostalgia

7. Held all kinds of stuff

Car door ashtrays. from nostalgia

8. The best!

9. There were no rules in this game

Most exciting five minutes of elementary school [FIXED] from funny

10. What do I do?!?!

11. OG emojis

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12. A childhood staple

School cafeteria chicken burgers from nostalgia

13. Here, here!

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14. Always a bummer

15. Just a little bit different

I was not a well dressed child.

How many of these photos reminded you of your childhood?!?!

Let us know in the comments!