There’s nothing quite like the bond between a human being and their pet. I can tell you that I’ve had several dogs and cats in my lifetime and they’ve all been my best friends.

I sure miss all of them a lot…

Here are some wonderful photos of people with their best friends that we think you’ll enjoy immensely.

Get ready to say “awwwwwwwww.”

1. What a good pup!

Ten and fifteen years later. My old pal is still going strong.
byu/Gordondel inaww

2. Let’s go for a ride.

[deleted by user]
by inaww

3. Still BFF.

My daughter and our dog – 12 years later.
byu/DiabolicalTrivia inaww

4. She chose you.

When we visited the shelter, this one kitten was meowing incessantly. The instant my girlfriend picked her up, immediate purrs and cuddles. She stayed like this for 10 minutes. Of course we had to take her. Four years later she’s still one of the weirdest, sweetest cats I’ve ever had.
byu/hamiltonk92 inaww

5. A loyal companion.

Fifteen years later, still best friends.
byu/BufordTeeJustice inaww

6. He got just a little bit bigger.

[deleted by user]
by inaww

7. Still a kitten at heart.

He was the first pet I ever had. I was 24 when I got him as a kitten. 11 years later and he still cuddles like one.
byu/Damasticator inaww

8. World, meet Brandy!

This is Brandy and I on her first birthday, and 14 years later on her fifteenth. Happy birthday to my beautiful beloved Brandy!!!
byu/heartsfx inaww

9. Now it’s my turn.

After I got my wisdom teeth out, my cat laid in bed with me while I watched friends. 7 years later (today) she had to get 2 teeth extracted, and we laid in bed and watched Friends together after. 💙
byu/kspkspksp inaww

10. Might as well JUMP!

7 years later she still jumps into my arms.
byu/CountFarussi inaww

11. That is adorable.

16 years later…
byu/fightcluub inaww

12. Attached at the hip.

2002-2016, 14 years later and we’re still inseparable even though I’m a grown up and he’s slowing down ❤️
byu/Gelfling1994 inaww

13. Sealed with a kiss.

14 years later…
byu/reporterpenguin inaww

14. Happy birthday!

18 years later, happy birthday my cat! (before and now pic)
by inaww

15. Stay Gold, Ponyboy.

My husband found Ponyboy when he was an infant kitten and cared for him 24/7. Over a year later, Ponyboy still thinks my husband is his birth mother. It’s adorable.
by inaww

We know you have a bunch of great photos of you and your pets!

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