Cards on the table: I’m a full-blown empiricist skeptic.

I don’t believe in the supernatural, and I think that most things we attribute to it can be boiled down to the wishy-washy nature of memory, emotional experience, and good ol’ fashioned coincidence.


I’d be absolutely lying to you if I told you I didn’t get a few chills reading these stories.

What is a supernatural event that happened in your life that just can not be explained?
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Can Reddit make a believer out of me? Let’s find out.

The Hospital Dream

Early into my now Wife and I’s relationship I had a dream about her in childbirth. Very vivid, and long. Like I spent days in the hospital with her and everything was in a strange twilight. When it came time to deliver things went very wrong and she and baby ended up passing away.

I woke up quite shook naturally but brushed it off. I am a nurse and have had to deal with traumatic OB situations before, and I chocked it up to me dealing with that stress through a dream.

Six years later and my wife is pregnant, I have forgotten the dream by now. I get a call late into the 3rd trimester while I am on shift. Wife is going to the ER for a bad BP. I get off my shift and go to meet her.

As soon as I step into the room I remember my dream. Its the same d**n room. Which is extra spooky because the hospital we were at wasn’t even built when I had the dream.

This is last year right when lock down started, my wife is admitted they want to wait a week to deliver if possible, she will be kept in a twilight state until that time. So its me in this room eerily isolated as the world around us is frozen and my wife is incoherent mere feet away. Lingering for days in this room I brushed off my dream, trying to manage my anxiety and stress.

Come show time my wife gets ready to begin pushing and it’s exactly the same scenario as my dream. Things start going poorly, but the Dr. Thinks delivery is still possible, but at this point I finally freak out into full panic, and demand a C section for my wife. The Dr. I can tell wants to argue but I think my outburst made her step back and reassess the situation and she made the call for emergency c section.

Took 10 minutes for me to get taken back and as I’m in the OR I see my baby come out lifeless. They do everything they can and manage to resuscitate her. In the meantime my wife is doing poorly and they are scrambling to control her bleeding.

I follow the baby out knowing there’s really nothing I can do. Baby gets life flighted to another hospital, but before we go I see my wife stable and headed to the ICU.

Both my wife and baby are critical but alive.

Today they are both thriving and my baby is 16 months and just a tornado of energy.

I don’t know that they would be alive if not for that dream and it causing me to freak out and demand a change in plan.

– Jracx

Was it the Cat?

I have an idea of what may have happened, but I cannot definitively say how this happened.

My father died in 2000 in my parent’s house. I was over one night pretty late after my mother had gone to sleep. I swear I could feel my father’s presence, as I was right in the spot where he had died. (They believe he had a heart attack while laying on the couch, tried to get off the couch to call for help but fell on the floor and died, though no one else was home when it happened. I was on the couch when this happened.)

Anyway, I thought to myself, “This is stupid. People don’t leave essences behind, I’m not feeling anything.” So, I say out loud, “If this is really you, Dad, knock a box of cereal off the shelf onto the floor.”

I wanted to pick something I didn’t think could happen by accident. I went into the kitchen and watched the shelf with the cereal on it for a few minutes and nothing happened. Since it was almost midnight, I decided to sleep in my old bedroom.

I woke up the next morning and went downstairs and a box of cereal was laying on the floor. I say to my mother, “Did you knock that cereal onto the floor?” She said no, it was like that when she woke up.

So… what the f**k, man.

HOWEVER, my mother had a cat. I’m guessing the cat did it, but I don’t know for sure. If she’d gotten on the shelf, everything would have been knocked around and messy from her. Everything was else was in its normal position, just the box of cereal was on the floor.

I mean, regardless, it has to have been the cat, right?

– temalyen

Cabbage Patch Kids

I was biking down a country road I used to live on, I think I was 8 or 9, and on my way home I saw this small humanoid looking being run across the road, from one crop field into a corn field.

The only details I could make out, and I still vividly remember, was that it was completely covered in yellow, from neck to feet, and I think it has green on it’s head. I told my mom about it and all she could come up with was something about cabbage patch kids.

Never saw that thing again, but I still think about it from time to time

– RamboDash15

The Surprise Brother

I live in a city and my brother lives in another city that is around 1000 km away. He visits sometimes but not quite often. On an average of once every 2 years.

On one day around 7 yrs ago i was sleeping on the couch in the living room at my apartment. I woke up suddenly on my brother sitting just beside me and i was shocked/surprised started greeting him and asking him about how is he doing and what pleasant surprise it was. Next thing i realise that this was a dream as the door bell was ringing which woke me.

Went to open the door and guess what? It was my brother who came to surprise us! This literally had me speechless.

Don’t have any explanation and i think sometimes you don’t need to have one.

– DelJaralla818

Granddad’s Visit

My granddad died when I was 7, but, per his own words, I was his absolute favorite (partially because I am the splitting image of his mother, even into adulthood).

When I was 21, I was set to give birth to my first son. I was about to get into the elevator to L&D when a man came in saying that he a volunteer and he’d help me and my husband find our way. The elevator was slow, but we spent the time talking about what a blessing children are and how they grow up so fast. Here’s the thing: he looked and sounded exactly like my grandad – same stature, same blue-grey eyes, same faint Scottish-Canadian accent, same khakis, checked shirt, and sky blue cardigan. Even spookier is that the nurses said they don’t have any older male volunteers in that particular building.

I don’t really believe in ghosts but I am absolutely certain granddad paid me a visit that night.

– MadameBurner

Wishful Thinking

The only way I can explain this one is “wishful thinking.”

My mom and dad were co-dependent, and they liked it that way. They didn’t want other people (other than the kids). They were completely happy to be just wrapped up in each other. My dad died the day before his birthday in a hospice centre.

Afterwards, it was like he was still home. His touch lamp beside his recliner would go on by itself. The recliner would rock like someone was getting in it. And sometimes, my mom or my sister would hear my dad saying, “Honey, fix me a cold drink?” That was exactly how he’d ask my mom to fill up his massive mug with Sprite over ice.

My mother died less than a year and a half later. After my mother died, there was never another sign of either of them being there. They’ve been gone now for close to 14 years now.

– ClothDiaperAddicts

Freak Hive Mind Low Level Telepathy

My siblings and I all had the same dream on the same night a year ago. It was exactly one year after my mum died and we all had a dream about her and she was in the same place and was speaking to us. She reassured us that she was ok and she was with her mum and my dead siblings and that her dad is in the bad place.

The next day we all realised we had the same dream, we even all independently drew a picture of the place we saw her and wrote down the name of the place it resembled. Most of my siblings took that as an actual message from my mum but my youngest sister and I like to believe that we have all developed some freaky hive mind low level telepathy lol.

– Queen_Omega

Cleaning Up

One night I had a dream about my Grandpa (who had died almost 20 years prior). We were in his home, and he kept telling me “we need to clean the house, we need to get the house ready.” When I asked him why, he just said “she’s coming home”.

My Grandma, his wife of 50 years, died the next day.

– dirtbikejess

Pop Poppy Jim

There’s a story from when I was ~4-5 years old, my grandmother was looking through old family photos and asking me who the people were.

We got to a picture of my grandfather, and she asked me who he was, and I said, “Pop poppy Jim!”. He died suddenly at home when my mother was 10, in the same house we lived in, so I never met him.

She asked me how I knew that, I told her, “oh he comes and tucks me in and tells me he loves me sometimes after you go to bed”.

– jessiker

The Flying Ball

Red luminescent “ball” flying on the horizon. It moved like nothing we’d ever seen. Zipping around at incredible speed that defied the laws of physics.

There were about 20 of us watching it, and some of the kids asked me what I thought it was, as I grew up living and breathing aviation with my Dad.

I had to tell them that since I couldn’t identify what it was, that it was essentially a UFO. Had to then explain that it doesn’t mean “Aliens”, just that what we saw couldn’t be identified by any knowledge I had of aircraft (not then, and not even now)

It could have been ball lighting for all I knew at the time, but it was kilometers away above the horizon in the dusk sunlight.

– BloodSteyn

So, am I a believer now? Well…no, but that doesn’t mean I’m not absolutely shook by these experiences.

What do you make of these sorts of things?

Tell us in the comments.