This story kind of reminds me of the episode of The Simpsons where Homer got Marge a bowling ball for her birthday…so he could use it.

It’s a classic!

And I guess it wasn’t completely unrealistic to think that people get presents they don’t really want or need.

Read on to see what this teenager had to say about it.

AITA for asking my parents for a real personal birthday gift this year ?

“Yeah, the title sounds childish

So I (17) feel like I never had a real birthday present from my parents. I have 2 brothers (one is 2 years younger than me and the other is 10 years younger). I always get the “expansive gift” that ends up being for the whole family.

When I was 10, I got a yogurt maker (yeah, to make yoghurt, what kind of 10yo asks for this ?). Never had to use it, but my father used it to do yoghurt for himself that he would not share with us.

Next year (11), I got a tent. We never did camping, my parents are too busy for this. But it turned out that my brother really wanted a tent and asked my parents for one months before. So again, my brother got to use it.

Then (12yo) I had a bicycle but it was too small for me so they made me gave it to my brother. And they pretend that’s because he goes out more than I do. They said that my bday is the only one of the family that’s in summer so that’s why the buy it then.

Next year I got a Nintendo wii. But I need to share it with my brothers. And they were always on it so I barely played on it before they broke it. My parents let them play all day because since I was older I could wait before playing it while they couldn’t and it was a “family console”. My brother had a 3ds that year so he had his own console he was the only one authorised to play on it while I got the one that needed to be shared.

The following year I got a swing. But once again it was for my brothers because I was supposedly “too heavy” to use it.

Then (15), I got tickets to a concert for musicians that I don’t listen to but my parents love. So we went together and they had the time of their life.

Following year they had to replace the family computer.

And last year I had a Nintendo Switch which once again, had been broken by my brothers.

I never asked for all this gifts. I wanted a guitar for years (which is not more expansive than a Switch) and always had it declined so I try to save money to get it by myself.

Now I’m giving hints that I don’t really like what they gave me (but don’t actually complain, just ask them for a personal gift next time) and told them what I want for my next birthday. I kinda mentioned that it was unfair that my brothers always get what they want when I am the “practical option” for my parents to have what they want.

They yelled at me that I was a spoiled brat, should not ask for things and was not nice to my brothers. They sent me in my room, which is embarrassing since I’m almost 18 and won’t talk to me.

It’s not that i don’t like sharing things, but I feel like I never had a real, personal, gift from my parents. I think that if they needed to replace the washer, they would do it on my birthday. I never was abused (not physically but I still fear my father) so I think I might be overreacting.

AITA for being spoiled, childish and selfish?”

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