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Hey, you never know when it comes to scratch-off tickets, so you might as well try, right?

So did this person act like an a**hole when they kept a ticket that a sore loser didn’t want?

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AITA for keeping the scratch ticket a sore loser didn’t want?

“I find myself in an ethical quandary. A bunch of friends and I made a stupid bet 364 days ago. 10 people threw 20$ into a pot and weighed themselves. Whoever lost the most weight come next new years won the pot.

I had completely forgotten about this bet until I tried to decline attending the weigh in for the prize. And when I tried to demur anyway I was told, and this is a direct quote from the girl who called me, “No balls.”

Thus, I had to go.

I wanted to skip and just give up the 20$ because I’ve lost a fairly significant percentage of my body mass over the last nine months or so, and just didn’t really talk about it because I was doing it more because I was developing a second chin than for people to praise me (also, cheaper medical insurance!)

One of the ten people is a hyper competitive type who tends to be an incredibly sore loser. Especially when he feels blindsided. Which is most of the time when he loses.

So, I assumed I won and stopped at a convenience store for 10 20$ increments of voluntary taxes. (Read: Scratch tickets) If I didn’t win, well, I’ve spent more on dumber things.

Wound up winning anyway, thus I offered up my peace offerings. Everyone grabbed a scratch ticket. Except sore loser guy. He said “Nah f**k you man.” and went off to sulk. Offered again and was told to back the f**k away.

So, I now had two tickets to scratch. A couple people won a little bit of money, a few got play again amounts of money, and the ticket I’d picked for myself was a dud.

So I scratched sore losers ticket. And it was a winner. So much so that I blurted out, “No f**king shot.”

$1,000 winning ticket.

People got curious, and then started ribbing the sore loser absolutely mercilessly about being an idiot. Several people said I should give him the ticket because that’s a lot of money and it was for him even if he was being a cry baby.

He shot me down twice when I offered and I know for a FACT if our roles were reversed he’d keep it.

I’m getting enough flak about this and would rather not mention getting a bunch of free money to people I know, seeing as I’m in enough trouble already from the folks who were there about “hey man, can I borrow 100$? You just got 1000$.”

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