I can understand not wanting to insult someone’s name once they’re already HERE on this planet, but is it really that big of a deal to make fun of names for a kid that hasn’t been born yet?

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AITA for insulting my sister’s wacky baby names?

“I (24M) have a sister a year younger, Hailey (23F).

She is pregnant with her first daughter expected in March. My sister Hailey is a very free spirit person, and she definitely has her own taste in music, clothes, art et cetera. Unfortunately this extends to baby names.

She wants to name my niece either Redemption Cosmos or Venus Kali Cosmos — for real. She posted the names in our family WhatsApp group, and she asked us to vote for our fave. My relatives were just going along with it, but honestly my sister is young and I felt like an a**hole for not saying anything.

I messaged her privately on the side and said that the names are bad and would be a burden on my niece’s life. I told her those names might be okay for a stripper (my sister works as a dancer in a local club), but they’d be hard to live with in a more “main stream” job. I really wasn’t trying to be mean, I just care about my niece and want to help.

Well, my sister forwarded my private messages to the GC and told my family I was a judgemental f**k. She shared that the names were personally meaningful because this baby is her redemption and pregnancy has helped her make peace with her body and accept her flaws. My mom has been leaving me nasty messages since then, but I haven’t listened to them yet, except the 1st one.


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